May 26, 2018

Secure, reliable, production-quality, standards-based CORBA middleware

The acronym MICO expands to MICO Is CORBA. The intention of this project is to provide a freely available and fully compliant implementation of the latest CORBA standard for C++ developers.

Here is some of MICO features * Multi-threaded * Dynamic Invocation Interface DII and Dynamic Skeleton Interface DSI * Interface Repository IR with graphical Interface Repository browser * IIOP as native protocol ORB prepared for multiprotocol support * Portable Object Adapter POA and Basic Object Adapter BOA support * Objects by Value OBV * CORBA Components CCM * Dynamic Any * Portable Interceptors PI * Support for secure communication and authentication using SSL * Support for nested method invocations * Any offers an interface for inserting and extracting constructed types that were not known at compile time * CORBA Services o Interoperable Naming service, o Trading service, o Event service, o Relationship service, o Property service, o Time service, o Security service

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