May 26, 2018

Java solution for real time and embedded systems

Javolution is the Java solution for real-time and embedded systems. Javolution real-time goals are simple to make your application faster and more time predictable!

That being accomplished through

  • High performance and time-deterministic real-time util / lang / text / io / xml base classes.
  • Context programming in order to achieve true separation of concerns logging, performance, etc.
  • A testing framework addressing not only unit tests but also performance and regression tests as well.
  • Straightforward and low-level parallel computing capabilities with ConcurrentContext.
  • Struct and Union base classes for direct interfacing with native applications e.g. C/C++.
  • World’s fastest and first hard real-time XML marshalling/unmarshalling facility.
  • Simple yet flexible configuration management of your application.

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