May 26, 2018

Easy release configuration for Elixir apps

The definition of conform is “Adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions”. As this library is used to adapt your application to its deployed environment, I think it’s rather fitting. It’s also a play on the word configuration, and the fact that Conform uses an init-style configuration, maintained in a .conf file.

Conform is a library for Elixir applications. Its original intended use is in exrm as means of providing a simplified configuration file for deployed releases, but is flexible enough to work for any use case where you want init-style configuration translated to Elixir/Erlang terms. It is inspired directly by basho/cuttlefish, and in fact uses its .conf parser. Beyond that, you can look at conform as a reduced but growing! implementation of cuttlefish in Elixir.

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