May 26, 2018

Ada 95 Booch Components

The Ada 95 Booch components are a port of Grady Booch’s C++ components. They contain the same key abstractions as the C++ form Structs, Tools and Support. However, the organization is slightly different, particularly in the Support domain. This is because Ada 95 provides several special forms of memory management that are quite different from C++.

The Structs category provides an array of structural abstractions Bags, Collections, Deques, Graphs, Lists, Maps, Queues, Rings, Sets, Stacks, and Trees. The Tools category provides algorithmic abstractions Searching, Sorting, etc.. The Support category contains all the “concrete” forms, plus structures to create the components.

Some of the structures permit structural sharing graphs, lists, and trees. Some structures may also be ordered collections, dequeues, and queues. There are also multiple forms for some structures single and double linked lists, directed and undirected graphs, and binary, multiway, and AVL trees.

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