Jul 20, 2023

JIS X 0212 (aka JIS 2000) Encodings

This module implements encodings that covers JIS X 0213 charset AKA JIS 2000, hence the module name. Encodings supported are as follows.

Canonical Alias Description

euc-jisx0213 qr/\beuc.jp[ -]??2000|2k$/i EUC-JISX0213 qr/\bjp.euc[ -]?2000|2k$/i qr/\bujis[ -]??2000|2k$/i shiftjisx0123 qr/\bshift.*jis?2000|2k$/i Shift_JISX0213 qr/\bsjisp -]??2000|2k$/i

iso-2022-jp-3 jis0213-1-raw JIS X 0213 plane 1, raw format jis0213-2-raw JIS X 0213 plane 2, raw format

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