Jul 20, 2023

Free Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm

A Free Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm.

The library implements all of the algorithm as described in the “Unicode Standard Annex #9, The Bidirectional Algorithm, http//”. FriBidi is exhautively tested against Bidi Reference Code, and due to our best knowledge, does not contain any conformance bugs.

In the API, we were inspired by the document “Bi-Di languages support - BiDi API proposal” by Franck Portaneri which he wrote as a proposal for adding BiDi support to Mozilla.

Internally the library uses Unicode entirely. The character property function was automatically created from the Unicode property list data file, PropList.txt, available from the Unicode Online Data site. This means that every Unicode character will be treated in strict accordance with the Unicode specification. The same is true for the mirroring of characters, which also works for all the characters listed as mirrorable in the Unicode specification.

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