Jul 20, 2023

FreeBSD Kernel Driver for the Arduino Uno USB interface

The Arduino Uno http// is an open source hardware micro- controller designed primarily for prototyping and experimentation. Although the devel/arduino port already exists for programming the device, it will not work properly with the newest Arduino hardware. Previous versions of the Arduino used an FTDI USB to Serial interface. The newest Arduino beginning with the Uno uses an on-board ATMel 8U2 controller to emulate a USB to Serial interface with its own custom Vendor ID and Hardware ID. As a result, NONE of the existing FreeBSD USB to serial drivers can work with it. This kernel driver supplies the necessary kernel support for the Arduino Uno on FreeBSD.

Additionally, some ‘ACM’ USB Serial devices may work with this driver by manually adding their Vendor ID and Product ID combination to files/ids.txt

Official web site

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