Jul 20, 2023

Object-oriented Perl API for the NEXUS file format

BioNEXUS package provides an object-oriented, Perl-based applications programming interface API to the NEXUS file format of Maddison, et al., 1997 Syst. Biol. 46590-621. NEXUS is a powerful and extensible format designed for use in evolutionary analysis, including the analysis of molecular sequence data as well as classical morphological and life-history data. NEXUS is the input or output format for software such as PAUP*, MacClade, Mesquite, SIMMAP, MrBayes, Nexplorer, and so on. This package also contains the demonstration applications nexplot.pl plot character data with a tree and nextool.pl allowing programmatic editing, e.g., selecting particular clades or subsets of data.

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