Jul 20, 2023

MIDI-capable synthesizer for X

adapted from the Web page and the README

Spiral Synth is a physically modelled, monophonic, analogue synthesizer. It is capable of creating the kind of sounds made by hardware analogue synths, the noises used in electronic music. You can also use it to make stranger sounds. MIDI is supported, including velocity detection, mapped to the volume of the oscillators but you can also use the PC keyboard to play the synth. Output is to /dev/dsp or in Microsoft RIFF .WAV format to a file. You can save and recall your sounds using the 100 patch save slots.

The PC keyboard can be used to play the synth, “q” & “z” are C, and the keys progress from them “2” is C#, “w” is D, etc. These are just the defaults, and can be changed from the .Spiralrc file. The function keys change the octave.

Sample output and a detailed list of features can be found on the home page.

Trevor Johnson

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