Jul 20, 2023

Speech synthesizer

This is a text to speech system produced by integrating various pieces of code and tables of data, which are all I believe in the public domain.

The Oxford Text Archive has for several years maintained copies of several machine-readable dictionaries along with its extensive if unsystematic collections of other machine-readable texts. This document gives some further details of the various dictionaries available, and summarises the conditions under which copies of them are currently distributed.

The Oxford Text Archive Shortlist available on request via electronic mail and by FTP gives up to date brief details of all texts held in the Archive. Send electronic mail to ARCHIVE@VAX.OXFORD.AC.UK. For anonymous FTP, look in the directory ota on

Checkout these related ports:
  • Zynaddsubfx - Realtime software synthesizer
  • Zrythm - Modern music production system, also known as DAW
  • Zplugins-lv2 - Collection of LV2 plugins to be bundled with Zrythm
  • Zmusic - GZDoom's music system as a standalone library
  • Zita-rev1 - Reworked version of the reverb originally developed for Aeolus
  • Zita-resampler - C++ library for resampling audio signals
  • Zita-njbridge - Command line client to transmit audio over a local IP network
  • Zita-mu1 - Simple Jack app used to organise stereo monitoring
  • Zita-jclient - Library to create a Jack client with a few lines of C++
  • Zita-dpl1 - Look-ahead digital peak level limiter
  • Zita-convolver - Fast, partitioned convolution engine library
  • Zita-bls1 - Blumlein Shuffler converter of binaural signals to stereo speaker pair
  • Zita-at1 - Autotuner Jack application
  • Zita-alsa-pcmi - Easy access to ALSA PCM devices
  • Zinf - GTK-based MP3 player