Jul 20, 2023

Speech recognition system

CMUSphinx collects over 20 years of the CMU research. All advantages are hard to list, but just to name a few

  • State of art speech recognition algorithms for efficient speech recognition. CMUSphinx tools are designed specifically for low-resource platforms
  • Flexible design
  • Focus on practical application development and not on research
  • Support for several languages like US English, UK English, French, Mandarin, German, Dutch, Russian and ability to build a models for others
  • BSD-like license which allows commercial distribution
  • Commercial support
  • Active development and release schedule
  • Active community more than 400 users on Linkedin CMUSphinx group
  • Wide range of tools for many speech-recognition related purposes keyword spotting, alignment, pronuncation evaluation

Checkout these related ports:
  • Zynaddsubfx - Realtime software synthesizer
  • Zrythm - Modern music production system, also known as DAW
  • Zplugins-lv2 - Collection of LV2 plugins to be bundled with Zrythm
  • Zmusic - GZDoom's music system as a standalone library
  • Zita-rev1 - Reworked version of the reverb originally developed for Aeolus
  • Zita-resampler - C++ library for resampling audio signals
  • Zita-njbridge - Command line client to transmit audio over a local IP network
  • Zita-mu1 - Simple Jack app used to organise stereo monitoring
  • Zita-jclient - Library to create a Jack client with a few lines of C++
  • Zita-dpl1 - Look-ahead digital peak level limiter
  • Zita-convolver - Fast, partitioned convolution engine library
  • Zita-bls1 - Blumlein Shuffler converter of binaural signals to stereo speaker pair
  • Zita-at1 - Autotuner Jack application
  • Zita-alsa-pcmi - Easy access to ALSA PCM devices
  • Zinf - GTK-based MP3 player