Jul 20, 2023

Class to talk to MPD (Music Player Daemon) servers

AudioMPD gives a clear object-oriented interface for talking to and controlling MPD Music Player Daemon servers. A connection to the MPD server is established as soon as a new AudioMPD object is created.

Note that the module will by default connect to mpd before sending any command, and will disconnect after the command has been issued. This scheme is far from optimal, but allows us not to care about timeout disconnections.

/!\ Note that AudioMPD is using high-level, blocking sockets. This means that if the mpd server is slow, or hangs for whatever reason, or even crash abruptly, the program will be hung forever in this sub. The POEComponentClientMPD module is way safer - you’re advised to use it instead of AudioMPD. Or you can try to set conntype to $REUSE see AudioMPD constructor for more details, but you would be then on your own to deal with disconnections.

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