Jul 20, 2023

Music player for big local collections

Music player for big local collections.

Features 3 columns UI directory tree aka library, playlists and tracks from selected playlist. Middle-click on folder or track in the directory view and it will become a playlist an its content will be loaded into tracks view. Create multiple playlists from folders in your library and switch between them quickly. Similar to “Album list” in Foobar2000.

Built with C++ and Qt framework – lightweight and fast. Open-source and cross-platform. Uses audio codecs installed on your system GStreamer though QtMultimedia. Follows you desktop theme.

Supports radio streams in .pls and .m3u playlsts. Supports CUE. Has a playback log which is helpful for radio stream – never miss a track you liked. Supports MPRIS – ability to control playback remotely, for example, via KDE Connect.

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