Jul 20, 2023

Logitech Media Server plugin to create playlists based on SQL queries

This plugin for Logitech Media Server makes it possible to create smart playlists. Although the standard Logitech Media Server doesn’t support smart playlists by itself, together with iTunes and the standard Logitech Media Server iTunes integration, it is possible to use smart playlists defined in iTunes. The problem though is that the integrated iTunes smart playlists will not be recalculated until the next time you perform a rescan in Logitech Media Server. The SQL Playlist plugin takes care of this problem and implements native smart playlist in Logitech Media Server without any need to use iTunes. The smart playlists implemented in SQL Playlist will also be automatically re-calculated after each track played so they will be based on the latest statistic information.

A smart playlist in SQL Playlist are continous and will run forever in the same way as the standard Random Mix plugin, you can optionally also choose that a smart playlist shouldn’t repeat already played tracks and in that case the music will stop when all songs matching the playlist has been played.

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