Jul 20, 2023

Music streaming server / subsonic server API implementation

music streaming server / subsonic server API implementation


  • browsing by folder keeping your full tree intact
  • browsing by tags using taglib - supports mp3, opus, flac, ape, m4a, wav, etc.
  • on-the-fly audio transcoding and caching requires ffmpeg thank you spijet
  • pretty fast scanning with my library of ~27k tracks, initial scan takes about 10m, and about 5s after incrementally
  • multiple users, each with their own transcoding preferences, playlists, top tracks, top artists, etc.
  • last.fm scrobbling
  • artist similarities and biographies from the last.fm api
  • a web interface for configuration set up last.fm, manage users, start scans, etc.
  • support for the album-artist tag, to not clutter your artist list with compilation album appearances
  • written in go, so lightweight and suitable for a raspberry pi, etc.
  • newer salt and token auth
  • tested on dsub, jamstash, sublime music, and soundwaves

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