Jul 20, 2023

Displays U.S. Census Bureau populated places on a map

ptiger is a Tcl/Tk/Tkgeomap script that uses wdgeomap to display U.S. Census Burea populated places on an interactive geographic map.

To run it, type ptiger on the command line. After a few seconds, a map should appear. Adjust the view by Dragging or Double-Clicking. As the cursor moves, a label below the map displays the cursor location and the azimuth and range from the + marker to the cursor. Move the + marker by Right-Double-Clicking. The map has dots at places with population greater than a user selected threshold. Moving the cursor over a dot labels the place with its name and displays the population in another label below the map. In addition to the wdgeomap menus, a Places menu enables adjustment of the population threshold and dot size. There is also a Find menu that does a case insensitive regular expression search for a named place.

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