Jul 20, 2023

Retrieve orbital data from www.space-track.org

This package accesses the Space-Track web site, http//www.space-track.org, and retrieves orbital data from this site. You must register and get a username and password before you can make use of this package, and you must abide by the site’s restrictions, which include not making the data available to a third party.

In addition, the celestrak method queries http//celestrak.com/ for a named data set, and then queries http//www.space-track.org/ for the orbital elements of the objects in the data set.

Beginning with version 0.017, there is provision for retrieval of historical data.

Nothing is exported by default, but the shell method/subroutine can be exported if you so desire.

Most methods return an HTTPResponse object. See the individual method document for details. Methods which return orbital data on success add a ‘Pragma spacetrack-type = orbit’ header to the HTTPResponse object if the request succeeds.

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