Jul 20, 2023

Ephemerides computation

A program that calculates your astronomical ephemerides.

By default, it will give you the current Moon phase and, if any, the events that will occur today. To get the rise, culmination and set of the objects of the Solar system, you will need to give it your position on Earth get your current coordinates with OpenStreetMap for instance, and give them to Kosmorro by invoking it with the following parameters –latitude=X –longitude=Y replace X by the latitude and Y by the longitude.

Kosmorro has a lot of available options. To get a list of them, run kosmorro –help, or read its manual with man kosmorro.

Note the first time it runs, Kosmorro will download some important files needed to make the computations. They are stored in a cache folder named ~/.kosmorro-cache .

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