Jul 20, 2023

Fine Offset Weather Station Reader

fowsr is an application that reads from wireless weather stations * WH1080 / WH1081 / WH1090 / WH1091 / WH2080 / WH2081 * Watson W-8681 * Scientific Sales Pro Touch Screen Weather Station * TOPCOM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 265NE * PCE-FWS 20 * … and other similar USB devices from Fine Offset Electronics Co., LTD. compatible with the EasyWeather application .

The result is a weather history log file that can be uploaded to a central server for further processing. Example script files for uploads is included. So far the following formats are supported * Weather Underground * pywws * XML

fowsr performs a complete read out of the weather station memory using its USB port, and stores the result in a cache file to speed up later read-outs. Rain data is then calculated per hour, day, week and month if data for these periods exist. No further data processing is performed. This makes fowsr very small and well suited for running in embedded devices at remote locations.

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