Jul 20, 2023

Modern and easy to use streamable zip file generator

zipstream-ng is a modern and easy to use streamable zip file generator. It can package and stream many files and folders on the fly without needing temporary files or excessive memory.

Includes the ability to calculate the total size of the stream before any data is actually added provided no compression is used. This makes it ideal for use in web applications since the total size can be used to set the Content-Length header without having to generate the entire file first.


  • Generates zip data on the fly as it’s requested.
  • Can calculate the total size of the resulting zip file before generation even begins.
  • Flexible API Typical use cases are simple, complicated ones are possible.
  • Supports zipping data from files, bytes, strings, and any other iterable objects.
  • Threadsafe Won’t mangle data if multiple threads concurrently add/read data to/from the same stream.
  • Includes a clone of Python’s http.server module with zip support added. Try python -m zipstream.server.
  • Automatically uses Zip64 extensions, but only if they are required.
  • No external dependencies.

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