May 26, 2018

Proactive Probing Abuse Reporting System

Welcome to the Proactive Abuse Reporting System.

In an effort to be proactive in doing my part to stop the massive quantities of internet traffic probing for open ports or more specifically the probing for known ports that Windows spy ware, Trojans, and what ever other Windows ports are commonly probed which result in increasing my bandwidth usage changes, I wrote this perl application for reporting that abuse to the senders ISP, with the hopes they will monitor the abuser and terminate the abuser’s internet account and or take legal action.

Script is installed into /usr/local/sbin where you can edit the defaults to meet your requirements. Issue rehash command to enable. Run script for complete overview description of system.

6/1/2004 Author Joe Barbish, I bequeath these perl scripts to public domain. It can be copied and distributed for free by anyone to anyone by any manner.

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Joe Barbish