May 26, 2018

PGP signing, verification, encryption, and decryption program

The netpgp command can digitally sign files and verify that the signatures attached to files were signed by a given user identifier. netpgp can also encrypt files using the public or private keys of users and, in the same manner, decrypt files which were encrypted.

The netpgp utility can also be used to generate a new key-pair for a user. This key is in two parts, the public key which can be used by other people and a private key.

In addition to these primary uses, the third way of using netpgp is to maintain keyrings. Keyrings are collections of public keys belonging to other users. By using other means of identification, it is possible to establish the bona fides of other users. Once trust has been established, the public key of the other user will be signed. The other user’s public key can be added to our keyring. The other user will add our public key to their keyring.

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