May 26, 2018

GTK application to securely store sensitive data

Gringotts is an application to store sensitive data like passwords, pincodes, credit card numbers, etc. Features

  • Fast, light GTK2 interface.
  • Good integration with GNOME, as well as all the other window managers.
  • High stress on safety & security.
  • Not only “normal” string passwords can be used, but any file can be the password to your data.
  • 8 encryption algorythms are available through the mcrypt library RIJNDAEL-128 AES, RIJNDAEL-256, SERPENT, TWOFISH, CAST 256, SAFER+, LOKI97, 3DES.
  • 2 160-bit hash algorythms, used to generate the key SHA1, RIPEMD160.
  • 2 compression types, with 4 compression levels each ZLib, BZip2.
  • Complete & easy management of entries’ order.
  • Complete Search function.
  • Very intuitive usability, you won’t need any manual.
  • It comes with a thread-safe C library, libGringotts, that can be used in any other project to save data in files in a simple and safe way.

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