May 26, 2018

Tool to quickly scan your network for machines listening on a TCP port

Doscan is a tool to quickly scan your network for machines listening on a TCP port, opening thousands of TCP connections in parallel. Features High scanning rate five to ten minutes per 100,000 addresses which are sparsely populated with hosts, with rather conservative timeouts. Load distribution doscan scans the addresses in a seemingly random order. If your scan host is connected to a central router, this ensures that the load is distributed across your network, and you are stress-testing just a single router, and not your edge devices. Low memory consumption memory usage is proportional to the number of hosts which have responded so far, and to the number of parallel connections. The total number of addresses does not influence memory usage in any way. Can collect responses doscan optionally records data which is sent by the hosts which are being scanned. You can even specify a regular expression to extract part of a server banner, and a message to send to trigger a response great for determining HTTP server versions. Extensibility It is possible to add special handlers for TCP-based protocols, using a straightforward interface. It supports scanning the vulnerable Microsoft DCOM implementation.

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