May 26, 2018

Japanized and message separated version of Rogue-clone: Version II

This is a port of Rogue-clone Version II, but it is enhanced to display messages with Japanese, colored and messages are separated from program you can make another message version of rogue.

This port provide you 4 message files

  • Original English message [mesg_E] but it was broken, please recompile without -DJAPAN, sorry.
  • Japanised message [mesg]
  • UTMC University of Tokyo Microcomputer Club message [mesg_utmc]
  • fj.* message [mesg_fj]

In this version, high score will be sorted to record by score only, and you can record your own score more than one time.

You have to specify a message file to play this version of rogue like this rogue_s mesg or without argument, rogue_s will list available messages.

Welcome to the Dungeons of Doom…