May 26, 2018

Joystick to keyboard/mouse events translator written in C

Joytran is a joystick to keyboard/mouse events translator written in C.

The project has several advantages over similar software

  • Portable to a wide variety of platforms, since it is based on SDL and the X11 XTest Extension Developed on FreeBSD
  • It is easy to use the joystick in places where it is not usually supported
  • Supports keyboard and mouse emulation
  • Supports multiple joysticks
  • Handles the presence of non-joystick devices, such as USB mice/trackballs that masquerade as joysticks gracefully
  • Easy switching between profiles
  • Lightweight, with few dependencies
  • Comprehensive feature set if there are features missing that are important to you, I will at least consider implementing them
  • Freely available MIT License

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