May 26, 2018

Instruction-level machine emulator

GXemul is a free instruction-level machine emulator, emulating not only the CPU, but also other hardware components, making it possible to use the emulator to run unmodified operating systems such as NetBSD, OpenBSD, or Linux.

A few different machine types are emulated. The following machine types are emulated well enough to run at least one “guest OS”

  • ARM CATS NetBSD/cats, OpenBSD/cats, IQ80321 NetBSD/evbarm, NetWinder NetBSD/netwinder
  • MIPS DECstation 5000/200 NetBSD/pmax, OpenBSD/pmax, Ultrix, Linux/DECstation, Sprite, Acer Pica-61 NetBSD/arc, NEC MobilePro 770, 780, 800, 880 NetBSD/hpcmips, Cobalt NetBSD/cobalt, Malta NetBSD/evbmips, Linux/Malta Algorithmics P5064 NetBSD/algor, SGI O2 aka IP32 NetBSD/sgi
  • PowerPC IBM 6050/6070 PReP, PowerPC Reference Platform NetBSD/prep, MacPPC generic “G4” Macintosh NetBSD/macppc
  • SuperH Sega Dreamcast NetBSD/dreamcast, Linux/dreamcast, Landisk OpenBSD/landisk

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