May 26, 2018

SEGA Genesis emulator

SEGA Genesis emulator

Modified version of Generator by James Ponder based on version 0.35.

Additional features

  • Support for BZIP2, GZIP and ZIP compressed ROMs.
  • Support for X11’s XVideo hardware acceleration by SDL for faster and smoother graphics.
  • Fullscreen support with or without the classic color frame.
  • SDL audio support in favour of OSS Audio which means you can use ESound and others for sharing the sound device among other applications.
  • Optional mute playing i.e., if you don’t have a soundcard or the soundcard is busy you can still play.
  • Support for 48kHz sample rate needs driver support.
  • Automagic CPU usage reduction which is especially cool for notebooks.
  • Working support for Game Genie codes.

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