May 26, 2018

Frontend for AdvanceMAME, MAME, MESS, RAINE

AdvanceMENU is a frontend for AdvanceMAME, MAME, MESS, RAINE and any other emulator.

It runs in Linux, Mac OS X, DOS, Windows and in all the other platforms supported by the SDL library. The main features are

  • Auto update of the rom info.
  • Vertical and horizontal orientation.
  • Support for any TV/Arcade Monitor like AdvanceMAME but it’s good also for a normal PC monitor.
  • Static and Animated image and clip preview PNG/PCX/ICO/MNG. Up to 192 images at the same time!
  • Sound preview. MP3/WAV. You can select a special sound for every game played when the cursor move on it.
  • Sound backgrounds MP3/WAV. Play your favourite songs or radio records in background.
  • Sound effects MP3/WAV for key press, program start, game start, program exit…
  • Support for zipped images and sounds archives.
  • Screensaver. A slide show of the game images.
  • Selectable background and help images with translucency.

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