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FreeBSD chinese : scim-chewing

SCIM chewing Chinese input methods

 SCIM Chinese table based input methods: Array30, CangJie, Cantonese, Dayi,
Erbi, EZ, Jyutping, Simplex, Wubi, Ziranma, ZhuYin

Smart Common Input Method platform, in short SCIM, is a development platform to
make Input Method developers live easier. It has very clear architecture and
very simple programming interface.

scim-chewing history

v. 1.20
date: 2007/05/19 20:00:47;  author: flz;  state: Exp;  lines: +1 -1
- Welcome 7.2 \o/.
- Set X11BASE to ${LOCALBASE} for recent ${OSVERSION}.
- Bump PORTREVISION for ports intalling files in ${X11BASE}.

v. 1.19 date: 2007/03/31 12:22:02; author: ume; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1 Fix plist after upgrading scim to 1.4.5. scim-1.4.5 appended its version to the moduledir in scim.pc. Approved by: Ying-Chieh Chen (maintainer)
v. 1.18 date: 2006/10/14 08:53:48; author: marcus; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1 Chase the GNOME X11BASE to LOCALBASE move, and fix the build with the new freetype2 where needed. Submitted by: mezz, ahze, pav, and many others Approved by: portmgr (implicit, kris)
v. 1.17 date: 2006/08/16 16:30:27; author: rafan; state: Exp; lines: +5 -3 - Update to 0.3.1 PR: ports/102105 Submitted by: Ying-Chieh Chen (maintainer)
v. 1.16 date: 2006/05/20 00:40:39; author: clsung; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1 - fix build error Reviewed by: maintainer
v. 1.15 date: 2006/05/17 03:21:32; author: clsung; state: Exp; lines: +2 -3 - Update ports/chinese/scim-chewing to 0.3.0 PR: ports/97359 Submitted by: maintainer (Ying-Chieh Chen)
v. 1.14 date: 2006/02/23 10:34:54; author: ade; state: Exp; lines: +2 -1 Conversion to a single libtool environment. Approved by: portmgr (kris)
v. 1.13 date: 2006/02/23 01:32:17; author: clsung; state: Exp; lines: +1 -2 - Update to 0.2.1 PR: 93703 Submitted by: maintainer (Ying-Chieh Chen)
v. 1.12 date: 2006/02/22 01:41:37; author: ijliao; state: Exp; lines: +1 -4 unbreak take maintainership PR: 93678 Submitted by: (new maintainer)
v. 1.11 date: 2006/02/20 01:48:24; author: kris; state: Exp; lines: +2 -0 BROKEN: Does not build
v. 1.10 date: 2005/11/15 06:48:12; author: ade; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1 Mass-conversion to the USE_AUTOTOOLS New World Order. The code present in essentially makes this a no-op given that all the old variables set a USE_AUTOTOOLS_COMPAT variable, which is parsed in exactly the same way as USE_AUTOTOOLS itself. Moreover, USE_AUTOTOOLS has already been extensively tested by the GNOME team -- all GNOME 2.12.x ports use it. Preliminary documentation can be found at: which is in the process of being SGMLized before introduction into the Porters Handbook. Light blue touch-paper. Run.
v. 1.9 date: 2005/11/05 05:21:26; author: marcus; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1 Bump PORTREVISION to chase the glib20 shared library update.
v. 1.8 date: 2005/10/15 13:21:13; author: nork; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1 SCIM updated to 1.4.2. o Update scim 1.4.2. [1] o Update skim 1.4.2. [1] o Update scim-uim 0.1.4. [2] o Bump PORTREVISION in scim related ports. Approved by: Jie Gao [1] Approved by: Seiya Yanagita [2]
v. 1.7 date: 2005/07/30 06:20:19; author: nork; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1 o Update to 1.4.0. o Chase bump libversion to slave ports . PR: ports/84247 Submitted by: Jie Gao (maintainer)
v. 1.6 date: 2005/05/10 14:57:22; author: nork; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1 o Update ports/textproc/scim 1.2.0 --> 1.2.2 ports/textproc/skim 1.2.0 --> 1.2.2 o Chase scim's library bump. PR: ports/80848 Submitted by: Jie Gao (maintainer)
v. 1.5 date: 2005/03/16 07:09:07; author: clsung; state: Exp; lines: +3 -2 - scim-chewing does not work on 5.x/6 due to C++ compiler difference - bump PORTREVISION PR: 78894 Submitted by: leafy
v. 1.4 date: 2005/03/12 10:53:40; author: marcus; state: Exp; lines: +1 -0 Bump PORTREVISION to chase the glib20 shared lib version change.
v. 1.3 date: 2005/03/06 20:17:25; author: leeym; state: Exp; lines: +1 -7 - scim-chewing doesn't depend on scim-make-table
v. 1.2 date: 2005/03/06 06:33:58; author: leeym; state: Exp; lines: +10 -7 - update to scim-chewing-0.2.0
v. 1.1 date: 2005/01/22 17:44:41; author: vanilla; state: Exp; Add scim-chewing 0.0.1, SCIM chewing Chinese input methods. PR: ports/74661 Submitted by: Shen Chuan-Hsing =============================================================================

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